The Mission

Providing a secure and safe cyberspace for various kinds of activities has been the ultimate goal of many research groups, companies, law enforcement, and even governments worldwide for more than a decade. Despite all the efforts, however, newer and more creative attacks continue to emerge, disrupting the normal operations of business, and stealing users’ private information or leaking them for unauthorized use. There are also increasing reports of computer crimes targeting at individuals directly through ransomwares. To address these threats, it is important to continuously invent new methods and systems to uncover and mitigate these attacks. It is also equally important for different stakeholders to work together and share information timely to combat these attacks. Increasing users’ alertness and providing them with easy-to-operate tools is also an important way to secure the cyberspace.

Against this backdrop, the Department of Computing at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University launches a new Cyber Security and Privacy Laboratory (CSPL). The mission of the CSPL is to help make the cyberspace a safer place for business and personal activities by performing quality research with practical values, and training skillful security researchers and professionals. The CSPL will collect and share threat intelligence, develop innovative security and privacy methods and software, and transfer state-of-the-art technology to the industry, law enforcement and regulatory agencies. To accomplish her mission, the CSPL will actively interact, engage, and cooperate with the industry (particularly the financial and banking industry), security professional bodies, law enforcement, and relevant government departments.